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Are you looking for a property management company to manage your Memphis area rental home?

Enterprise Property Management, Inc. (EPM) is a Memphis Tennessee based residential property management company providing property management services throughout Memphis TN, Shelby, Fayette & Tipton Counties.

Our friendly staff will work with you and will offer an honest and candid assessment of your Memphis area property's rental potential. We will provide a realistic review of what you could expect from our property management services. Whether you live in Memphis or the other side of the world, Enterprise Property Management can help you manage your rental property. Enterprise Property Management is well established in Memphis and we believe our reputation speaks for itself.

Watch the video below to hear from the company owners about their property management vision:

If you'd like to learn more about your property's rental potential and how Enterprise Property Management can help manage your home, we encourage you to call Bill Ivey at 901-857-3888 or request a Rent Appraisal via this website.

Memphis Property Management Memphis Property Management

Our management services:

  • 24/7 online owner account access.
  • Below industry average vacancy rate.
  • Management of homes in Shelby, Fayette & Tipton counties.
  • Quarterly home inspections.
  • Eviction process management.
  • Extensive online marketing & property syndication.
  • Clear & non-misleading property profiles with professional photos.
  • 3 full time realtors.
  • 2 full time property managers.
  • 2 leasing specialists.

EPM is a member of:

  • Memphis Area Association of Realtors
  • Tennessee Real Estate Commission
  • Institute of Real Estate Management

All from a fully licensed real estate company.

Memphis Property Management Fees

9% Property Management Fee

This 9% property management fee is an ongoing monthly fee charged to the owner to compensate the property manager for the responsibilities of overseeing the management of their property. All property management companies charge this fee.

$595 Leasing Fee

Compensation for the initial time invested and resources used in setting up an owners account, showing property and/or other activities resulting in tenant placement. This fee is a one-time fee each time we place a tenant in your home.

$250 Lease Renewal Fee

This $250 fee is charged when a property manager renews a current tenants lease and covers the costs of initiating paperwork or communication needed to implement the new lease agreement.

$250 Maintenance Escrow

The $250 operating reserve is homeowner money held in escrow for necessary repairs or emergencies that may arise. This gives you the peace of mind that maintenance issues will be dealt with immediately, which in many cases helps to minimize the overall expense by preventing delays of the initial repairs.

If you have a home maintenance warranty, there will be a $50 home warranty fee charged for every policy claim.

In general, Enterprise advises against carrying a home warranty maintenance policy, but we will operate it at your request. Maintenance vendors contracted by Enterprise are knowledgeable and their prices are more than reasonable. In contrast, Home Warranty customer service systems are riddled with bottlenecks, long hold times, and service windows often putting the vendor’s convenience ahead of the tenant essential maintenance needs. In the case of home warranty claims, ONLY, an additional service fee of $50.00 will be charged for each applicable claim home warranty claim placed by Enterprise on your behalf.

Already have a tenant, or are hiring EPM to evict your current tenant? There will be a $250 transfer fee when your home comes on board, occupied.

Bringing on an occupied house can either be very easy, or very difficult! There is a lot of work involved with communicating with an existing tenant, inspecting an occupied house, and determining the needs of the house and tenant and relaying that to you, the homeowner. Many homeowners even hire EPM to evict their existing tenant. In order to compensate our agents for the work they do to bring a new house online, while occupied, we will charge a transfer fee of $250.00, for each tenant occupied house. If there are multiple units being brought on at one time, this fee can be negotiated.

$99 Advertising & Marketing

EPM utilizes proven marketing techniques, giving your home the broadest market coverage possible in order to rent your house quickly. The Advertising & Marketing Fee is a monthly charged only during the time your home remains vacant, and will be charged for a period of no more than twelve (12) weeks. Any Pre-Availability advertising of your rental property will occur at no charge to you.

Hear Bonita Elam talk about our property management services!

How will EPM market your property?


Our leasing site located at www.epmleasing.com is the central engine for advertising your property. It attracts a huge volume of prospective tenants and is the core to which all other advertising media refers. It allows prospective tenants to search by location, home size, or rent range. Each property listing shows pertinent information about the property, including a description, photos of the interior and exterior of the property, a map of its location, and the ability to request an appointment online. This website is updated by our office staff multiple times a day, and offers a downloadable version of our tenant application, a sample lease agreement, and a link to our policies and requirements.

Dedicated Marketing Team

EPM works directly with a third-party marketing agency. Their specialized approach to online marketing allows us to keep up to date with any market changes and to adjust our advertising purchase decisions accordingly in order to generate the greatest return on your marketing investment. The behavior of website users is monitored on an ongoing basis to identify trends that help us improve the overall user experience.

EPM is proudly positioned in top 10 search results on all major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing for common search phrases used to find rental properties, and experience more than 90% of all new tenants originating from the Internet.

Community Presence

As part of the management of your property, EPM will be out in the neighborhoods on a regular basis to show houses and to be sure that current tenants are caring for your property. Our fleet of company vehicles sports the Enterprise Property Management, Inc brand, contact information, and even has QR codes that allow smartphone users to quickly scan and visit our website.

Memphis Property Management

Rental Search Sites

Online advertising on several popular rental search sites.


Daily online classified advertising across a large network of sites.

Yard Signs

Strategically located rental signs at the property itself for drive-by interest.

By Referral

EPM offers a referral fee to any Memphis realtor who brings us an approved client.